What About Heaven?

By Hermon Ross Most people assume that the afterlife was a major tenet of Judaism when a group of Jews led by Jesus of Nazareth formed a separate church to pray to the same God. But the afterlife is never mentioned in the Pentateuch or in any of what we call the Jewish canon—the 22 … Read more

Is Humanism the Answer?

By Golda Wachtell Humanism stresses the importance of love, kindness and good will—the kind of world imagined for centuries by thousands of poets and philosophers. Of course, we humans are but one of many creatures alive on the planet. This is their home too. Humanism stresses our ability to come together as brothers and sisters … Read more

Is God on Our Side ?

By Shifra Singleton The core question of our brief existence here on earth is whether God—a He/She/They— did more than create the world? Or did He/She/They create it and, as Thomas Jefferson and his fellow Deists believed, just wound up the universal clock and let history proceed without divine interference. Such a God, born of … Read more