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Alo'el's Dissent

“Alo’el’s Dissent is a thrilling adventure story about a millennia-long search for the magical breastplate worn three thousand years ago by the high priest in the temple King Solomon built in Jerusalem. As the temple is being destroyed by Babylonian invaders, the last high priest, Zadok, hides the breastplate on Elephantine Island in Egypt. The book traces the growth of Daniel Ornstein from a boy with unnatural birthmarks into an adult who falls in love with an Israeli army captain and leads an expedition to the island to find the breastplate. In the battle royale between Daniel’s group and fanatics from the three major Abrahamic religions, his paranormal birthmarks prove the key to securing the divine artifact, giving humanity the means to comply with the one commandment, the Tenth Commandment—Thou Shalt Not Covet—whose fulfilment would override the Bible’s curse of mankind as “evil from his youth.”

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